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CROSBY, Harry. Chariots Of The Sun. (PARIS 1931)
CROWDER. Henry Music, Hours Press, Paris (1930)
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CROWLEY, Aleister. Winged Beetle (And All Other Firsts)
CUNARD, Nancy. Negro Anthology. (1934)
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DE JANZE, Vertical Land. (1928)
DICK, Philip K. World Of Chance/ Handful Of Darkness (Uk 1sts)
DICKENS, Charles. 1st editions In nice condition esp Oliver Twist
(3 Vols 1838).
DICKINSON, Emily. Poems. (1890 / 1891)
DINSDALE, A. Television. Seeing By Wireless. (1926)
DOUGLAS, Lord Alfred. Perkin Warbeck. (1897)
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ELIOT, T. S. Prufrock. (1917)
ELIOT, T. S. The Wasteland. (1922/ 1923)
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ESCOTT, T. H. S. A Trip To Paradoxia.
FALKNER, John Meade. Moonfleet. (1898)
FAULKNER, William. Pre War Uk & U.S. Firsts.
FERGUSON, Helen. All Novels 1929 To 1935.
FISHER, R. B. Syrie Maugham. (1978)
FITZROY, A.D. Despised and rejected. ( C. W. Daniel circa 1919)
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FLEMING, Oliver. AMBRO - TOX. (1920)
FORD, Charles Henri. The Young And Evil. (Paris 1933)
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FRANKISH, H. Dr.Cuncliffe Investigator. (1913)
FREEMAN, R.Austin. John Thorndyke's Cases. (1909)
FROST, Robert. A Boy's Will. (London 1913)
GASCOYNE, David. Man's Life Is This Meat. (1935)
GHOST STORIES. Pre War Firsts In Nice Condition. Esp M.R. James.
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GIBSON, William. Neuromancer. (1984)
GILCHRIST. R. Murray The Stone Dragon. (1894)
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HAMILTON, Patrick. Impromptu In Moribundia. (1939)
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HARDY, Thomas. Trumpet Major (3 Vols) (1880)
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HILL, Reginald. Clubbable Woman. (1970)
HODGSON, William Hope. Carnacki The Ghost Finder. (1913)
HODGSON, William Hope. Nightland (1912)
HODGSON, William Hope. Boats of Glen Carrig.
HOPKINS, G. M. Poems. (1918)
HOURS PRESS. Henry Music. 1930
HOURS PRESS. All titles (Paris 1920s)
HOWARD, Robert E. A Gent From Bear Creek. (London 1937)
HURSTON, Zora Neale. Jonah's Gourd Vine. (1934)
INNES, Michael. Hamlet Revenge. (1937)
ISHERWOOD, C. All The Conspirators. (1928)
IVES, George. Book Of Chains. (1897)
JAMES, C. L. R. Black Jacobins. (1938)
JAMES, C. L. R. Captain Cipriani/ Cricket Poems Etc.,
JOHNSON, Lionel. Poems. (1895)
JOYCE, James. Et Tu Healy. 1893 (no copies known)
JOYCE, James. Gas From a Burner.(1912)
JOYCE, James. Ulysses.
KAFKA, F. The Castle. (London 1930)
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OXFORD GROUP. Anything Esp Stephen Foot But Not Buchman Or Peter Howard.
PAIN, Barry. Stories In The Dark. (1901)
PARIS PRESSES / PRINTINGS. Contact, Black Sun Press, Black Manikin, Two
PEESLAKE, Gaffer. Bromo Bombastes. (1933)
PESSOA, Fernando. English Poems / Antinous. (Lisbon 1921)
POUND, Ezra. Quinzaine For This Yule. (1908)
POWELL, Anthony. Caledonia.
POWELL, Anthony. Venusberg. (1932)
PRAED, Mrs. Campbell. As A Watch In The Night. (1901)
PRIVATE PRESSES. Ashendene, Doves, Eragny, High House, Ernst Ludwig Presse,
Fanfrolico, High House, Gregynog, Hogarth Press.
QUEBEC, Adela. Girls Of Radclyffe Hall. (1937)
QUINTERLEY, Esmond. Any Books.
RAFFALOVICH Marc Andre. All Books.
RAILE, Arthur. Any Book.
RAND, Ayn. We The Living. (1936)
REID, Forrest. Kingdom Of Twilight.(1904)
RICH, Barbara. No Decency Left. (1932)
RIDDELL Mrs J. H. Princess Sunshine. 2 Vols. (1889)
RIDING, Laura. Experts Are Puzzled. (1930)
ROBERTSON, E. Conversations With Trotsky. (1936)
RODENBACH, G. Bruges La Morte. (Swan 1903)
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STUART - YOUNG, J. M. Through Veiled Eyes (Or Any Other Books)
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SYMONS, Arthur. Days And Nights. (1889)
THEROUX, Paul. Murder At Mount Holly.
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TROLLOPE, Anthony. Belton Estate. 2 Vols. (1866)
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TYLAR. Spirit of Irene (1921)
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WAUGH, Evelyn. Handful Of Dust. (1934)
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WOLFF, Tobias. Ugly Rumours. (1972)
WOOLF, Virginia. Room Of One's Own. (1929)
WOOLF, Virginia. To The Lighthouse. (1927)
WRATISLAW, Theodore. The Pity Of Love. (1895)
YEATS, W. B. Cathleen Ni Houlihan. (1902)
YEATS, W. B. Mosada. (Dublin 1886 rare)

PERIODICALS (mainly pre 1939) - BLAST, This Quarter, Broom, XXe Siecle, Rhythm, The Exile, Transition, The Golden Urn, Island, Wendingen, Ver Sacrum, London Bulletin, Minotaur, Jar Ptitsa (Firebird), Aspen (1960s), Visionaire (1990s), Maintenant, The Spirit Lamp.

Many other books wanted by the above authors and also these below:-

Ansel ADAMS. Robert AICKMANN. Edward Heron ALLEN. W.H. AUDEN. Natalie Clifford BARNEY. Georges BATAILLE. Cecil BEATON. Aubrey BEARDSLEY. William BECKFORD. T.L. BEDDOES. Max BEERBOHM. Lord BERNERS. John BETJEMAN. Ambrose BIERCE. BOSSCHERE. Paul & Jane BOWLES. POWYS BROTHERS. Bob BROWN. BRYHER. Basil BUNTING. Richard BURTON. Mary BUTTS. Julia Margaret CAMERON. Willa CATHER. John COLLIER. Wilkie COLLINS. Cyril CONNOLLY. Stephen CRANE. Hart CRANE. Aleister CROWLEY. H.D. DADAISTS. John DEAKIN. RALPH CHUBB. Richard EBERHARDT. Helen FERGUSON (ANNA KAVAN).Michael FIELD. FINGESTEN Edward FITZGERALD. F.S. FLINT. Charles Henri FORD. JG FULLER. Eric GILL. William GODWIN. W.S. GRAHAM. Robert GRAVES. Dod GRILE. George GROSZ. James GUTHRIE. Radclyffe HALL. Thomas HARDY. Marsden HARTLEY. Lafcadio HEARN. G.M. HOPKINS. Edward GORDON CRAIG. W.H. HUDSON. Langston HUGHES. Edward JAMES. M.R. JAMES. Robinson JEFFERS. Gertrude JEKYLL. Gerald KERSH. John Maynard KEYNES. Jessie M KING. T.E. LAWRENCE. Edward LEAR. Eugene LEE-HAMILTON. Edward Cracroft LEFROY. Charles LELAND. Denise LEVERTOFF. C.S. LEWIS. Janet LEWIS. Vachel LINDSAY. Jack LONDON. Robert LOWELL. MINA LOY. Arthur MACHEN. Louis MACNEICE. Thomas MALTHUS. MAN RAY. Cormac MCCARTHY. E. MCKNIGHT KAUFFER. Herman MELVILLE. H.L. MENCKEN. Edith NEWBOLD JONES, Gambrill NICHOLSON. Eugene O'NEILL Charles OLSON. POE. John POLIDORI, Count Potocki. MRS CAMPBELL PRAED. Barbara PYM. RAFFALOVICH. Eric RAVILIOUS.Forrest Reid. Dorothy RICHARDSON. Charles RICKETTS. Mrs RIDDELL, Georges RODENBACH.Amanda ROS. Isaac ROSENBERG. Francis Saltus. Mary SHELLEY. Stevie SMITH.Vincent STARRETT. James STERN. Wallace STEVENS. Bram STOKER. Reynolds STONE.J.M. STUART-YOUNG. Francis STUART. Montague SUMMERS. SURREALISTS: Breton,Tzara, Ernst Etc. J.A. SYMONDS. A.J. & Arthur SYMONS. Stephen TENNANT. Dylan & Edward THOMAS. Jim THOMPSON. Anthony TROLLOPE. Eudora WELTY. Nathanael WEST. Rex WHISTLER. T.H. WHITE. Walt WHITMAN. Charles WILLIAMS. William Carlos WILLIAMS, Ludwig WITTGENSTEIN. Theodore WRATISLAW. Collections bought on any subject- e.g. Art, Travel, Antiquarian, Classics, English Literature,Medieval History, The Far East, Greek and Latin, Philosophy,Foreign Literature, Poetry, Erotica, Science, Finance, Mysticism / Religion/ Occult, Sport, Folklore, Food, Slang, Natural History, Fantasy & SF, Americana, History, Military, also General Collections. PLEASE NOTE--COLLECTIONS, LIBRARIES, ESTATES OF BOOKS BOUGHT.


The King of the Dead. John Macquuen, London 1903

The Silence Broken, A Story of the Unexplained, Hurst and Blackett (London), 1897
A Castle to Let, Cassell (London), 1917
The Spell of Sarnia, Hodder and Stoughton (London), [1925]
It Is Not Safe To Know, Hodder and Stoughton (London), 1939
The Terrible Baron and Other Stories, Wright & Brown (London), 1933

Through the Night: Tales of Shades and Shadows, Abel Haywod & Son/Simpkin Marshall & Co. (Manchester and London), 1882

THE ELEMENTAL. G Routledge, London 1919 wraps

Night on the World's Highway. T. Fisher Unwin, 1898 wraps

The Mark of the Bat. Thorton Butterworth, London, 1928

The Luck of the Town, John Lane, Bodley Head (London),

mostly Wright & Brown titles

The Dancer in Red, Long 1906

A Moment of Madness and Other Stories, F.V. White and Co. (London), 1883. 3 vols.
The Ghost of Charlotte Cray, Tauchnitz (Leipzig), 1883

Stories Weird and Wonderful, F.V. White (London), 1900

The Grey World, Heinemann (London), 1904
The Lost Word, Heinemann (London), 1907
Column of Dust, Methuen (London), 1909

A Fatal Fiddle: the commonplace tragedy of a snob, Belford, Clarke & Co. (U.S.), 1889
The Princess Daphne, Belford, Clarke & Co. (U.S.), 1888
Also H.J. Drane, 1889
Bella Demonia, Belford, Clarke & Co. (U.S.), [c.1889] (ghost written for Selina Dolaro)
The Vengeance of Maurice Denalguez, Belford, Clarke & Co. (U.S.), [c.1889] (ghost written for Selina Dolaro)

Maker of Shadows, Wright & Brown (London), [1938]

The Floating Cafe and Other Stories, Jarrolds (London), [1936]
The Terraces of Night, Being Further Chronicles of the Club of the Round Table, Hurst Blackett (London), 1932